Here are some lucky foods that we can consider to serve during New Year’s 2022:

Big Fish

  • It symbolizes togetherness, wealth and fortune.


  • Asian people usually serve long-strand noodles, which represents long life and attract longevity.

Jiaozi Dumpling

  • This type of dumpling symbolizes wealth and longevity and its round shape represents old Japanese money.


  • The most common food during various celebrations such as birthday, wedding or anniversary party can bring good luck for the year ahead.


  • It has been already a part of New Year’s tradition to serve fruits, which represents good health, abundance, fertility, prosperity and other good karma,


  • Green color vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, broccoli, and mustard greens represent luck or money. It also contains a lot of nutrients, which can give us a good health.


  • Grains such as rice, risotto, oats, barley and quinoa were believed to bring abundance to owners. It can also drive away negativity and bad omens.


  • It symbolizes growth and progress in the upcoming year.

Spring Rolls

  • It is considered as one of the luckiest foods in Eastern China.

Rice Cake

  • Eating this type of food during New Year can allegedly help improvement in fortune, income, health, business, and knowledge.




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