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"Because our family is never too big."

Born and raised in Asian cultures, we're family oriented.  We're used to doing things with our family members.  Not only that, when friends come over to visit or when we visit our friends' families, we treat each other like we all are extended families.  We even call our friends' parents "mom" and "dad" too.

"Eat, eat!"

In countries like Thailand or Malasia, eating seems to be the most important part of every family.  Some families even prepare food like they have a feast everyday.  When in the countries, don't be surprised to be greeted "Have you eaten?" instead of "How are you?"

At Crystal's Kitchen, we enjoy cooking, serving, and making sure you enjoy your food and your experience here just like the way we serve in the family.  If you're not familiar with our kind of food, easy... just ask the basic, "Can you recommend something?" and let us do the work. 


Many times, we receive comments like "They treat customers like family."  We're happy you feel that way.  Guess it's just how we are.  Coming from half world away to our now home in Massachusetts, our extended family is even more and more extended!

"We just believe that at the end of the day, we're all related in one way or another," says Crystal, "Cooking has been my passion, and I just love cooking for people I love."


On June 26th, 2012, Crystal’s Kitchen was founded by Crystal Tan, originally from Malaysia.  Crystal’s over 30 years of cooking experience has made the menu of Crystal’s Kitchen (now her third restaurant) quite extensive.  

All the dishes on the menu are a cultural blend of where she grew up and travelled, both authentic and fusion the way she has developped all these years through many working experiences.


Crystal’s Kitchen has a variety of both authentic and fusion dishes inspired by different cultures:


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Malaysia is a melting pot and a gourmet’s paradise of food culture.  It brings together traditional cuisines of a variety of ethnic groups such as Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Nyonya.  Malaysian dishes have been influenced by traders using a Portuguese/Eurasian style and the Indian Sub-Continent.  A wide range of curry has become an integral ingredient of the Nyonya cuisine.  Malaysia is a virtual chef’s heaven.  It’s multi-cultural, which gives rise to a number of tasty ethnic dishes.  Malaysian cuisine is a savory combination of spicy flavors consisting of chilies, herbs, and aromatic seasonings along with the sweetness of fresh coconut, palm sugar, peanut, lime, lemongrass, and tamarind!


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Thai cuisine relies on five primary flavors: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and HOT!  The allure of Thai cooking stems from these basic flavors mixed to create their own characteristics and producing many interesting local specialties.  The Royal Palace traditions play an important role in the preparation of most dishes, most importantly in the carefully crafted presentation.  Thai food is a delicate balance of bold flavors.  The soups and curry dishes are both tart and creamy, sweet, and flavored with the sour tamarind, scarlet hot chilies, tangy lime leave, along with aromatic basil, coriander, and mint.


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Japanese cuisine is meant to please the eye as well as the palate.  Sushi is wonderfully healthy!  It is naturally low in fat and packed with nutrients such as seaweed, which is rich in vitamins; Wasabi (Japanese horseradish); rice; and vinegar, which aids in digestion.  A steady diet of most Sushi can potentially guard against heart disease, obesity, and high cholesterol.  Two often used ingredients – garlic and ginger – have been shown to promote many health benefits.



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