Crystal's Community

Happy crew!!!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Please welcome our new team members, Cici and Yang!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

A hardworking employee. Good job Crystal! We'll give you a raise.

Despite the heat and masks, our chefs are dedicated!

Trying our best to fight COVID-19

Welcome back Andrew and friends. It's so great to see you!

Thanks Dale, Stacy, and our lovely Gwen for visiting us :)

Parking lot under construction. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Our community is very pretty. Don't forget to enjoy it :)

Chinese New Year's Lion Dance to bring good luck :)

Joshua, Hailey, and mom Lisa, our lovely friends :)

Hey it's summer!

Little Aaron is sooooo cute!

It's beautiful out today (4/28). We didn't expect to be this busy in here.

Looking sad when there's no power at the restaurant.

We're sorry for the damage everywhere in our community. _/\_

First day of our reopening :)

Santa Bruce and his gifts to us. Thanks Bruce!

Twin sisters, Nicole and Kristen, welcoming twin brothers, Philip and Stewart, from Australia

Stephen celebrating his birthday with Felipe ^_^

Lupita came solo this time after church ^_^

Congrats to Stacy and Dale. Gwendolyn is gorgeous!

Hooray! for your next step of life :)

and she said yes!

A crutch and a cane, but we're happy ^_^

Mindy with the loveliest family, Eric, Dania and little Aina.

Aren't they cute? ^_^

Happy Holidays!

With our happy Thai Friday friends.

Welcome baby Meridith and congrats to Michelle and Matt :)

Happy time with Janet, Regina, and Frances (our 102 yr old friend)

HBD, Debbie! though this looks more like Layla's birthday haha.

See you when you're back, Bonnie & Bruce. Welcome Carol & Brian!

Happy birthday America!

Busy Father's Day

Believe it or not, there's a 101 year old lady in this picture!

Go go, Shannon go! Boston Strong!

We finally have Jeff in the pic too!

We love Bruce and Brad!

Happy Chinese New Year 2016

Friends from Taunton. We needed to capture the reunion.

Happy Holidays!

With our friends on Halloween night.

This is how Eric, Dave, and Greg celebrate fall ^_^

We're ready for Fall!

Happy at the Park Day 2015 ^_^

Our postman is not only good at delivering mails!

Our famous friend, Jerry ^^

Filippe and Reiko helping sell corns. Very nice and sweet!

with Janine and the Cub Scouts! Yummy cookies!!!

Annual visit to one of our favorite bands.

Elizabeth and daddy proudly show her beautiful drawing

Brian's graduation party

Crystal preparing her homemade wide rice noodle. :)

Readers Choice Awards 2015

The cuties Sophia and Eamon with their daddy Geof ^_^

Wendy and the lovely gang!!!

Jenny picking up a big order of food for herself and colleagues

Our little Tanner and his lovely parents ^^

Lovely sports family ^^v

Our little friends, Ty, Shay, and Nate visit us with the family

Crystal unwinding by making Crab Rangoons!

On our slow hours :)

Mindy and Crystal enjoying holiday treats!!

Michael and Abdul with their yummy dishes :)

When Ken was back in town ^^

Sriracha couple! Melissa and Chris, you are the cutest Halloween couple ^^

Happy Halloween!

Lovely shot with Louis and Bill

Our lovely J family (Joy, Jeff, Joshua, and Jordan)

With our long time friend, Paul, at the Park Day

Park Day 2014

Park Day 2014

Park Day 2014

Park Day 2014

Skip being funny always :)

Our little customer, Ty, visited Crystal in the kitchen ^^

A lovely visit from Ty, who insisted to lunch here b4 school tomorrow

The two colleagues, Andy and Lara, enjoying their lunch

Our beautiful iron ladies :)

Ray Sr. and Jr.

Aloon, Carl, and Joe

Crystal with our lovely postman and his wife

Chris, Matt, and the gang

Bob and his pony, May

Mad Hatter and Crystal

Barbara, Frank, and Beth


Angie and Matty

Mindy and Lily

Friends from Bridgewater Savings

May, Steve, Chuck, and Hank