Hess is one of our friends that loves to come to Crystal's Kitchen.

One day, years ago, he told Crystal he felt like having a noodle dish with pineapple in it.

He also likes Udon noodle and spices like turmeric.  Crystal disappeard to the kitchen for a little bit and came out with this dish.

Hess loved it!

It turned out many other people liked it too, and whenver we had to refer to this dish, we just called it "the dish that Hess likes", so it later has become "Hess Noodle" since.

Hess Noodle is made with Udon noodle, onion, scallion, cabbage, carrot, pineapple, egg, with a hint of turmeric and curry spices with our homemade honey soya.

It is mildly spicy, and it can be made more spicy if you'd like.  Many customers like it and you're welcome to try it on your next visit! :)



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