Crystal's Kitchen was never able to offer delivery service before because of our limited kitchen capacity.


The dine-in and take-out services alone kept our kitchen and staff occupied and we knew we could never offer delivery service despite so many requests from our customers.


Now that we cannot do dine-in due to the regulations during COVID-19, we can offer delivery service in order to not only facilitate the convenience of people in the community, but also to be able to survive as a small business.


Delivery is a new service for us Crystal's Kitchen, therefore, please be patient with us if mistakes will ever happen.  We'd also like to hear from you, goods and bads, to make sure we provide the best service we can.  Any comments, please visit


We thank you all so much for your kind support all this time.


Again, for takeout or delivery, please call (508)510-5295 or (508)510-5670.


Crystal's Kitchen


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: Crystal's Kitchen West Bridgewater
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